1. Who are we ?

Swiss company, Rewary has become the number 1 on Internet sales. To maximize your comfort, we are partner of leading companies in the hot tub industry (Balboa, Acryle Aristech) who have the best value for money for safe relax.

2. Where do the main components come from ?

For a total quality we work with the world famous company Balboa (USA), best in class for electronic components for hot tub and with Aristech Acrylics (USA) one of the top three best producers of acrylic tubs.

3. Our payment terms ?

We accept following payment terms:
– PayPal
– Credit cards (MasterCard, Maestro, Visa, American Express,…)
– Invoice

4. Is it possible to pay in instalments ?

A down payment of 35% is required upon order confirmation to start the production of your hot tub; the residual balance can be paid upon a financial agreement for payment in instalments (3x, 6x or 12x payment). Please contact our customer service for further information.

5. Expected delivery time ?

There are two options:
– Delivery in 48 hours with WhiteMarbel colour and WoodGrey coating.
– Delivery in 50-90 days if you want custom colours for your hot tub or additional optional.

6. What options are included in your hot tube ?

All following options are included for free:
I. High density isothermal cover
II. Free delivery across Europe
III. 10-years warranty
IV. Electronic antifreeze system
V. Ozoniser pureklean O3
VI. Circulation pump (Ultra-Silent)
VII. RGB LED chromo therapy
VIII. Impeller air pump
IX. Protection cover

7. Do I have to install the hot tub indoors or outdoors ?

Both solutions have pros and cons.
– For outdoor installation, a lot of people prefer the experience of an outdoor warm bath in
winter. It’s possible to build a shelter around the hot tub to mitigate bad weather
– An indoor installation generates moisture. The room needs a good ventilation system to
keep under control the moisture level preventing mold. In case of indoor installation,
following questions are relevant:
– How do I fill my hot tub?
– How do I empty my hot tub?
– Is the door width enough for the hot tub?
– Is the floor strong enough?

8. What kind of floor do you need to install your hot tub ?

With a strong high fiberglass base, you can install your hot tub on all surfaces (gravel, lawn, wood), but make sure the surface under the hot tub is stable and flat. If you put your hot tub on a terrace, please consider that it must support 1 ton per m2.

9. What do you need to install a hot tub ?

You need to have a stable and flat surface that supports 1 ton per m2.

10. What is the maximum slope of the floor behind the hot tub ?

To get the best results, the floor or the surface must be perfectly stable and flat. If a hot tub is on a sloped surface, the water level will be not the right one and malfunctioning could occur. Do not install your hot tub on a sloping floor.

11. How to fill the hot tub correctly ?

1. Open all jets clockwise (left to right)
2. Remove filters by removing the protective plastic cover and put the garden hose into the threaded filter slot.
3. Fill the hot tub up to LEDs level, the water level must always be over the LEDs (it’s also a reference to keep the water level).
This filling process is important for the proper operation of your hot tub.

12. And to empty it ?

By gravity drain on the bottom of your hot tub with a 3/4 inches reinforced plastic fitting.
You just need three steps to empty your hot tub.
1. Turn and pull the fitting towards yourself until it’s completely out.
2. Once removed, unscrew the fitting cap and fit a garden hose.
3. Just push the fitting 2 cm ahead so that the safety lock unlocks and the water drains away. As the hot tub is empty, put the cap on the fitting again and push as much as you can to close the drain. If your hot tub is in-ground, you can use a sump pump.

13. Is it possible to install the hot tub in-ground ?

Yes, it’s possible to install the hot tub in-ground, however it’s mandatory to leave at least a 50 cm free area around the hot tub for access in case of repairs.

14. How long does it take to fill the hot tub ?

It takes average 45-90 min, but it depends on the quantity of water in your hot tub and on the water flow.

15. How to operate a hot tub ?

1. After filling the hot tub, an electrician will do the electrical connections. (The wiring diagram is on the control panel cover under Balboa control panel). The connection must be done by a professional electrician (Caution! The hot tub must never run empty!).
2. Once connected, the hot tub will start bleeding pumps and running its first filtering.
3. The hot tub will automatically start the filter cycle (it takes 2 hours (F2)), then 12 hours later the second filtration will start. We recommend to increase the filtering mode to (F3) or (F4) depending on the use.
4. It takes 8 to 12 hours to heat the hot tub up to 35 – 37 °C.

16. How to keep the desired temperature ?

Cover your hot tub with the insulating cover to minimize heat loss when not in use. The pumps and the heater can reduce their power to keep the hot tub temperature (if the hot tub is not covered after each use, this could result in pumps overworking). Bu covering the
hot tub you get also additional insulation that allows you to get relevant savings.

17. What is the maximum temperature you can reach with the heater ?

The maximum temperature is 40° and the minimum temperature is 10° in anti-freeze mode.

18. What products for maintenance ?

We offer Hot tubBalancer services, a German company producing biological and chlorinefree products for maintenance. These products keep the water transparent, clean and odourless in your hot tub. There’s no need to change the water more than once a year and the water can be used and used again. Therefore, you take care of the environment and save energy.

19. Does the hot tub require special maintenance to improve durability ?

Clean the water and rinse the filters once a week, clean the filters thoroughly once a month with FilterClean in order to have clear and healthy water, as well as filters and filtering ducts in good condition. When the hot tub is not in use, cover it with the insulated cover.

20. What is the recommended frequency for cleaning or replacing cartridge filters ?

It depends on filter maintenance. Please rinse cartridge filter once a week with clean water; we recommend deep cleaning with FilterClean once a month. If you care thus, the filter operating life will be 10 to 12 months. We recommend a filter change once a year.

21. How to avoid accumulation of dirt and dust in the hot tub ?

It’s important to rinse with clean water before entering the hot tub to remove creams or other residues. Perform the weekly maintenance of the hot tub and put the cover to prevent rain and dirt entering the hot tub.

22. Do I have to maintain the hot tub cabinet ?

No, the cabinet is made of composite wood, no maintenance is needed. The composite wood does not sag due to moisture, nor fade due to sun UV rays.

23. What is the operating life of a hot tub ?

The life of a hot tub depends on its care. Regular maintenance and good off-season care can significantly extend its life. The hot tub has 10 years warranty as of purchasing date.

24. Can I use my hot tub during the winter ?

Yes, because our hot tubs are designed with three different insulation that will protect your hot tub from low temperatures:
I. A high density foam insulation around the inner tank.
II. A foam layer on outside cabinet with an aluminium foil that reflects infrared
emitted by the hot tub to minimize heat losses.
III. A fiberglass base between the floor and the hot tub to avoid any thermal bridge.

25. The display shows codes like DR, FL, F2, ST or SLP. What do they mean ?

Rewary designed a hot tub that warn you if an error occurs or if service is required.
Please refer to Balboa User Guide for codes meaning or contact us directly by phone.

26. Where is the serial number of my hot tub ?

The serial number is under one of the headrests and it always starts with “RM”.

27. May I buy filters on this website ?

Yes, on Rewary shop-on-line you can find the proper filter for your hot tub.

28. Who should I contact for a warranty claim ?

Rewary provides after-sales service. Please contact our after-sales service for any warranty claim. Rewary provides 10-year warranty for hot tub components and Balboa provides 2-year warranty for electronic components of the hot tub. We will help you in the process using the serial number of your Hot tub.


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