These general sale conditions are applicable to all relationships between any user of the website www.rewaryspas.com and the seller REWARY SARL.

Whoever confirms an order on the website www.rewary-spas.com or in a REWARY store undertakes he/she has read and he accepted these sale terms and conditions.

All costs related with the remote connection system used and the costs paid by the user for Internet access are the ones charged by his/her Internet Service Provider. These cost are at user charge.



To order or to ask information about products showed on the website www.rewary-spas.com, the user can use the
following channels:
– On our Internet website www.rewary-spas.com
– By phone at 021 544 45 45 (Monday to Friday from 9h to 22h, Saturday from 9h to 19h)
– By email at info@rewary-spas.com

In order to apply the offers currently ongoing, a booking fee is required; this amount does not commit the
production of the hot tub.

The buyer can check all the details of his/her order and the total amount, and correct any errors, before the order

Therefore the buyer will receive a confirmation of the good receipt of the order by REWARY SARL.

Every confirmed order to REWARY SARL is published on the website www.rewary-spas.com by REWARY

REWARY SARL showrooms in Switzerland and France are managed by independent distributors, and therefore
they don’t represent REWARY SARL company. As a consequence of that the distributors are not responsible in front of the users of the website www.rewary-spas.com and for any dispute related to the execution of his/her
order and these terms of use.

Logistic Warehouse for shipments in Switzerland and France :
Rewary SARL
Chemin de la biole 6
1860 Aigle (VD)
Tel : 021 539 19 39



The amounts related to the products ordered by the user on the website www.rewary-spas.com are due upon order
confirmation by the user.

Payment can be done when the products are ordered or delivered by invoice, cash in store, credit card or bank

The goods sold are still property of REWARY SARL until full payment of the total amount is done.

Failure to pay all or part of the due amount will result in the total and immediate payment of all the due amounts
and the possibility of suspending new orders execution.

Partial amounts paid by the buyer are considered as an escrow of the total due amount and not as a down payment.

In case of missed payment, the buyer will be charged with delay penalty fees of 1.5 times the legal interest rate,
excluding taxes, payable upon receipt of a formal notice by registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt.

In case of legal action, in addition to the due legal interests, the buyer will be charged with additional penalty fee
of 20% of unpaid amounts (minimum 100CHF) as penalty clause, without prejudice.

For professionals, all payments will be made in full when goods are shipped from our warehouse.

Any delay will result in storage fees charge as in paragraph 15 conditions



In order to confirm your order, to start the production of the hot tub, an advance payment is required.

The delivery period will start upon receipt of this advance payment.

The purchase order must be returned signed to the address mentioned on the order itself or by email to
info@rewary-spas.com, including the read and approved text and a copy of your identity card on both sides.

As a security measure for users and to prevent frauds, REWARY SARL has the right to check with the competent
organizations, the validity of the information provided by users.

REWARY SARL / www.rewary-spas.com has the right to request additional information or change orders
payment terms.

These security measures demonstrate the willingness of REWARY SARL / www.rewary-spas.com to protect its
users from any fraud.



The products range showed on REWARY SARL / www.rewary-spas.com website may be changed without
notice. The user is not entitled to any compensation by REWARY SARL / www.rewary-spas.com for that.

Pictures, technical data sheets and descriptions are provided by partners and suppliers of REWARY SARL /
www.rewary-spas.com who are not responsible for content accuracy.

The hot tubs are designed for outdoor installation. In case of indoor installation, REWARY SARL / www.rewaryspas.
com is not responsible in any way for damages such as flooding, leakage, electric short circuit, blocked drain
valve that cause damages to the house or to the room. The hot tubs cannot be used for professional use.



The prices of products and services (delivery, extension of the guarantee, …) sold on REWARY SARL /
www.rewary-spas.com website are in CHF including taxes. Products dedicated to professionals (FX PRO) will be
charged excluding taxes only if the buyer has a valid VAT number.

Upon request from suppliers, REWARY SARL / www.rewary-spas.com has the right to change prices at any

The monthly promotions published on the website are available for all retail sales. Promotions cannot be applied
to sales excluding taxes



Products on sale are subject to availability and are usually shipped within 48 hours.

For products not available in our stores, the offer is valid basing on availability at suppliers.

In case of unavailability of some products, REWARY SARL / www.rewary-spas.com undertakes to inform users
by mail or telephone within maximum 90 days from order issuing and to inform the delivery time.

In case of temporary unavailability of some products, REWARY SARL / www.rewary-spas.com ships available
products with same quality and price of the products ordered by the buyer. In this case, in case of withdrawal,
shipping costs for the return will be free of charge.



REWARY SARL / www.rewary-spas.com undertakes to ship the products available in stock, within a maximum of 2 days of its warehouses, to which are added the delivery times of the organization in charge of the delivery. A 48-hour delivery is possible throughout Europe if the Spa is in stock and the customer information is correct.

The products are shipped by courier or by post.

Please note that in case of interruption of the reference or of a customized order, delivery times may be extended
from 12 to 15 weeks after the date of order issuing.

Delivery times are only an estimation. REWARY SARL / www.rewary-spas.com is not responsible for any
consequences related to delivery delay or loss of the package by the courier (private carrier). It does not entail any
compensation whatsoever by REWARY SARL / www.rewary-spas.com or order cancellation by the user



Orders will be delivered to the address specified on the order by the buyer. Delivery can be made by the shipping
company nominated by REWARY SARL / www.rewary-spas.com or by REWARY SARL / www.rewaryspas.
com itself.

Delivery is ex door. (The buyer must ensure that the packaging size is suitable for the delivery, the seller and the
courier are not responsible if the delivery needs to be done ex sidewalk).

In case of missed delivery of a shipment within the committed time, will be started an investigation with the
courier (investigation takes between 8 and 15 days depending on the courier). No refunds or return can be made
during this period of time.

After the receipt of the ordered product, the user has to check it and, in case, report on the delivery document all
the defects detected by hand writing and sign the note.

These report has to be sent to REWARY SARL / www.rewary-spas.com too by registered letter with
acknowledgment of receipt within 48 hours after the receipt of the product.

Over this time limit, no claims will be accepted and REWARY SARL /www.rewary-spas.com will be released
from any liability.

Il est important de notez que aucun dédommagement n’est possible sans une réserve écrite lors de la récéption de la commande.


Products return will not be accepted if the products are not new, in their complete original packaging (accessories,
documentation, …) with a copy of the invoice sent by registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt.

Any product damaged, used or with damaged original packaging will not be refunded or replaced.
Before any refund or replacement our technical service systematically carries out a product review; the
reimbursement or replacement procedures will be started once the responsibility for the goods has been
Money Back Guarantee
For a period of 10 days after the day of delivery the buyer has the right to return the products at his/her own
charge in the original packaging. The products will be replaced or reimbursed, depending on the choice and
products availability within 90 days as of their receipt in our warehouses.
How can you do it?
All you need to do is to send a registered letter to our central office with your request for a change or refund.
REWARY SARL / www.rewary-spas.com sales department will provide a return number and indicate the address
to return the product to.
At your convenience, you can ask for replacement, credit or refund of the product, in compliance with our General
Sale Conditions.
Tip: Insure shipment basing on the value of the goods it contains to avoid problems related to damages during
(*) ATTENTION: this offer is applicable to HOT TUBs with the label “satisfied or reimbursed” only. Only
complete and unused returned products will be accepted in their original packaging and in perfect condition for
resale. This procedure does not apply to products that are used and not new in compliance with our General Sale
Conditions. The products must be over-packaged for return shipment. No returns will be accepted without a return
authorization number. Return shipment costs are not at REWARY SARL / www.rewary-spas.com charge.


Warranty conditions:


The products “Spa Balancer” approved REWARY SARL / www.rewary-spas.com have been tested for many years and can preserve your spa. The use of any other product may result in damage and the immediate cancellation of your warranty.

Frequency for one year:

Individual: 2 to 3 SpaBalancer maintenance kits

Faults and leaks:

The spa is tested in our warehouses before departure, you have 7 days to put your spa in water and contact the sav if a possible defect or if leaks appeared. The intervention will be the responsibility of the customer and will not be considered as a manufacturing defect.


The spa should always be connected to your electrical panel by a professional. The invoice of this intervention must be returned to us with the validation of guarantee under 1 month maximum. Any intervention of an electrician is the full responsibility of the customer. In the event of an intervention by an unauthorized electrician, this may result in damage and the immediate cancellation of your warranty.

The invoice is required for the guarantee REWARY SARL / www.rewary-spas.com

How to keep your warranty serenely:

– Use treatment products referenced by REWARY SARL / www.rewary-spas.com

– Use original filters REWARY SARL / www.rewary-spas.com and change them twice a year for special use

– Do a soil study taking into account the spa, the volume of water and the maximum weight of people before installing a spa on

– Do not put the panels in contact with the ground

– Clean the tarpaulin outdoors at least once a month

– Take a shower before entering the spa

– Do not put essential oils directly in the water

– Do not use your spa with greasy products on the body

– Do not use your spa with loose long hair

– Do not sit on the edge of your spa and on the valves, headrests and control box

– Do not jump in your spa

– Do not obstruct jets with an object or accessory

– Do not clean your spa with an abrasive product

– Do not tighten the valves with force

– Do not sit in front of the skimmer or suction nozzles

– Do not recess or bury your spa without access and drainage

– Leave a minimum access of 50 cm all around the spa.

As a sole distributor, REWARY SARL / www.rewary-spas.com can not provide any contractual warranty for the products. Product warranties are manufacturer’s / manufacturer’s warranties.

REWARY SARL / www.rewary-spas.com can not be held to any compensation towards the user for any consequence resulting from the bad use of the material as well as the micro-leaks due to the vibrations of the transport. Cases of osmosis, water line or bubbles in acryl are not covered by the warranty.

Basic warranty information:
The basic guarantee is 2 years on all elements of the Spa.
As part of the standard warranty, the labor remains the responsibility of the customer as well as the diagnosis. The customer has the right to a telephone assistance of a technician of the REWARY SARL / www.rewary-spas.com in this procedure.

Guarantee information “Zen Pack”:
The Zen pack offers you a 2-year renewable guarantee. Offers a no-limit guarantee in time on your Spa, a complete check-up every year in addition to the points mentioned below.
– The first commissioning of the Spa (after the acquisition of your Rewary Spa). This does not include the electrical connection of the Spa which must be done by a certified Electician.
– A check-up and annual cleaning to guarantee the state and functionality of your Spa.
– Cleaning and cleaning products during Check-Up included.
– The intervention at any time of our technicians in case of breakdown.
– Extended warranty of all parts as long as you stay subscribed.
The Zen Pack works as a subscription. A monthly debit will be made from your credit card, paypal account or invoice throughout 2 years.
The Zen Pack is automatically renewed after 2 years.
It is possible to cancel the Zen Pack subscription, but it will terminate the current contract. No refund will be made. The cancellation of the Zen Pack must be in written form and sent by post.

Below the checklist that will be done by our technicians during Check-Up:
Control of the piping.
Control of the collages of the piping.
Check the join.
Inspection no leaks.
Tubing deformation inspection.
Debris inspection in the tubing.
Pipe inspection: guaranteed no leakage, deformation or debris in the tubing.
Check and tighten all tubing collars.
Restoration of the spa.
Advice provided by our experts.
Checking the drain system.

Dismantling the filters.
Degreasing of the filters.
Disinfection of the filters.
Cleaning the filters with a hose provided by the customer.
Reassembling the filters.
Replacement of filters, if necessary. (Price of searchable filters on telephone call or consultation on the site).

General control of watertightness

Electronic test of all electronic components.
Dusting the electronic card.
Test the electronic card.
Check the internal wiring of the spa.
Check the spa connection cable (tighten the cable in the electronics box, if necessary).
Control of temperature probes.
Efficiency test of each component.
Security test of each component.

Complete cleaning of the insulated cover

Regardless of the warranty, REWARY SARL / www.rewary-spas.com remains liable for defects in the conformity of the good to the contract and latent defects.

The seller is required to deliver a good in accordance with the contract and is liable for any lack of conformity existing at the time of delivery.

It also responds to any lack of conformity resulting from the packaging, the assembly instructions or the installation when it has been charged to it by the contract or was carried out under its responsibility.

Our home labor service remains available to customers even after the end of the warranty. The labor provided by REWARY SARL / www.rewary-spas.com will be billed to you during the warranty period.

To comply with the contract, the product must:

1 ° To be suitable for the normal use of a similar product and in particular:
– Correspond to the description provided by the seller and have the characteristics showed to the buyer by means
of a sample or a model.

– Have the characteristics that a buyer rightfully expects from public statements made by the seller, the
manufacturer or his representative, in particular by advertising or labelling.

2 ° Or have the characteristics agreed by the parties by mutual agreement or be suitable for any special purpose
required by the buyer and known and accepted by the seller.

Every action related to lack of conformity is prescribed within two years after the delivery of the product.

The seller’ warranty covers hidden defects of the sold product making it not suitable for intended use, or reducing
the possibilities of use to such an extent that the buyer, if he had been aware of it before, wouldn’t have bought, or
would have been willing to pay a lower price.

Any action related to hidden defects must be reported by the buyer within two years after the detection of the

Above warranties are valid as of the date of receipt of the product and after the buyer properly fills the warranty
validation form in the section about the 20 years warranty on www.rewary-spas.com within one month after the
receipt of the product.



REWARY SARL / www.rewary-spas.com treats strictly confidentially all users’ information in strict in
compliance with the Swiss Data Protection Act. The user has the right to access and correct his related data.

To do so, simply send a request to REWARY SARL / www.rewary-spas.com or online at info@rewary-spas.com

These data are disclosed to third parties only to comply with legal and regulatory obligations.



This Agreement between a user and REWARY SARL / www.rewary-spas.com is ruled by these general sale
terms and conditions and by Swiss law. Any dispute related to the execution or interpretation of this Agreement
will be submitted to the competent courts in Switzerland.



Any financing for the purchase of a product on REWARY SARL / www.rewary-spas.com website is agreed
between the buyer and the credit institute.

REWARY SARL / www.rewary-spas.com is not responsible for any issue occurring on financing.

Complains, requests for information or any question about deductions of financed amount have to be addressed
directly to the credit institute.

REWARY SARL / www.rewary-spas.com website and the credit institute are not partners.



Storage fees over the deadline are CHF 15.- per day. The total amount based on the number of days will be charged
on the remaining amount of the order.

The balance has to be paid before the delivery date.



Rewary SARL / Box n°9

Chemin de la Biole 6

1860 Aigle (VD) Switzerland

E-mail : info@rewary-spas.com

Tel. : +41 21 539 19 39